GPnet is a trademarked customizable e-commerce software platform. As of mid April 2013, Golden Pacific had just recently merged with another organization and had rebranded themselves as The Sourcing Group. Our team consulted The Sourcing Group on GPnet, with the objective of proposing recommendations to innovate their current business model. In working with our client, we used the Business Model Canvas to bring-in research results, to brainstorm a variety of approaches to innovating, and to simplify our findings to present the recommendations.

Research Process
  • Developed a one page business plan for GPNet, including their mission, objectives, strategies, and action plans.
  • Weekly meetings with the Chief of Growth and sales representatives.
  • Analyzed variety of documents such as proposals, case studies, and question based reviews.
  • Performed secondary research.
  • Interviewed mini marts and small restaurants, a yum Brand manager and national business programs.
Key Findings
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Shorten implementation process of GPNet software system
  • Simplify customized modules
  • Reduce time reaching out to CEO’s and executives
  • Activate promotional opportunities for advertising
  • There is a new customer target
Recommended Pivots for Innovation
  • Approach clients thru a bottom up approach
  • Create generic modules that allows to serve all industries
  • Simplify brand message

To innovate the current business models of  GPnet, we recommended a bottom up approach, generic modules to serve all industries, and simplifying brand message. With our innovation recommendations, GPnet business model will slightly change.

Final Thoughts
  • GPnet is a great product/service with the potential to become a big player in the supply chain management solution for all industry.
  • Approaching lower positions first, will help GPnet to get the interest of CEO’s into their offering product for supply chain management.
  • GPnet’s value proposition should be an easier service to understand for all, made the benefits easy to understand.