Kami Designs

Kami Designs is the result of four months research and an in-depth study about millennials and the outdoors industry.

WHAT: Kami Designs is a branded company creating products to inspire our generation’s imagination for the outdoors.

WHY: Millennials are not hiking 20 miles through the forest. They are not looking for experiences of aggression or conquering nature. Today’s generation is bringing beer and food, hanging out at the park, the beach, and at festivals. Millennials are about feeling a sense of wonder, play, and community. This generation wants to be in contact with nature, but also wants to have FUN. Millennials are about “bringing the scene” to the scenery.

HOW: Our first product, the Kami Canopy, is a beautifully designed inflatable half-dome that is portable and easy to use to enhance your outdoor recreation experience. 

Design & Value Proposition 
Our product exists to provide Play, Community and Freedom to the emergent market of ‘casual outdoor social activity’ consumers.

Use Case
Day at the Beach
Day/meal in the park
Day in the park with young children
Outdoor music festival
Backyard play
Kids’ Sleep overs
Black friday/retail event camping

Target Audience
Emergent consumer market of adults who cultivate an “outdoor social lifestyle”
Men and Women, ages 21 – 50
HHI $35K-$200K, annual
0-2 kids, 0-1 pets

Moderate to high ‘casual outdoor social activity’ consumption
1-3 outdoor social activities with friends per month
10 hours of outdoor leisure per month
Including but not limited to walking, meals outdoors, hiking, camping, leisure biking, attending outdoor festivals, glamping, going to the beach and backyard fun.

Cool, Easy to Use TOTE + CANOPY for outdoor social recreation

‘Pack & Go’ ease of use
Versatile functionality
Facilitates community and enhances social environment
Comfort from the elements
Reduces pre-planning

2 part product – TOTE + tent (that folds out)
Modular – Canopy unfolds from the TOTE straps and unfolds into a tent
Weighs 4.1 lbs alone (>12.5lbs)
Weighs >35 lbs (with basic outing essentials)

Dimensions : 20″ x 13″ x 8.7″
Volume : Interior space: 1932in³
Weight : 1.6 lbs approx
Large enough to fit outing essentials
Solar Panel for charging small electronics
Back support straps and padding
Optional Chest strap
Optional Waist strap
Bungee cords criss cross holding the tent to the bag.

Dimensions : 7″(L) x 4’7″ (W) x 4’3″ (H) 7×5 feet, sleeps up to 3 people
Volume : 6’1″ (L) x 4’11” (W) x 4’0″ (H)
Weight : 5 lbs
Option 1 : Tent Poles are housed in the shoulder straps
Option 2 : In place of tent poles, inflatable tubes maintain the structure
1. Air flow net, also prevents insects
2. Waterproof shell
3. Durable floor

Solar panels line the space around the opening circumference of it the transparent dome top.
4 “doors”, 1 on each side of the tent, create optimal air flow
Inflatable bottom

“Bringing the scene to the scenery”

tania cruz-portfolio-kami-backpack
tania cruz-kami canopy-products-compressed



We began sketching and looking for materials to simulate our prototype.

tania cruz-portfolio-kami-sketch   tania cruz-portfolio-kami-backpack      tania cruz-portfolio-kami-backpack


 Prototype V1

We used old tent poles and inserted wire inside. Then, we started putting together the poles in as a geo-dome structure. We continue by gluing and soaking pieces of white sheets and screen material on top of the dome structure.

tania cruz-portfolio-kami-sketch   tania cruz-portfolio-kami-backpack      tania cruz-portfolio-kami-backpack


 Prototype V2

After testing V1 at Dolores Park in San Francisco, we decided to eliminate the mini-windows and use better materials and some colors for V2.

tania cruz-portfolio-kami-sketch   tania cruz-portfolio-kami-backpack      


 Final Product

Kami Canopy in 3D animation.

imageedit_82_5748186286   imageedit_82_5748186286   imageedit_82_5748186286