How would you re-position the Pan Am brand in todays world?

If Pan Am repositions their brand and leverages it to create affordable luxury lounges at airports, then travelers and jet-setters will have a relaxing venue where they can enjoy fine dining and beverages, while being productive, and/or social before boarding their flight.

Millennial travel market secondary research and 50 respondent surveys

Brand Equity
Logo, associations with luxury, name

Brand Value
Emotional connection with consumers
Personal identity (glamour, modern, hip & cool), meanings (happiness, community, beauty, validation)

Relevance in Today’s Market
Travelers need for a place to relax and lounge around
Solution for extra time spent arriving at the airport earlier
Technological features to provide savvy travelers with comfortability and accessibility
Fresh food options for health-conscious individuals

Brand Positioning
Pan Am exists to provide trendsetting travelers with a stylish airport lounge utilizing the latest technologies to relax and enjoy themselves before boarding a flight.  In doing so, it delivers luxury, relaxation, and community. Towards that end, it offers a classy and elegant lounge space (luxury), organic and fresh food and drinks (relaxation), and access to a network of like minded travelers.

Implementations for brand strategy proposal
Persona Creation: affluent millennials
Operational Recommendations: fine dining, work spaces, showers and saunas, retail products
Touchpoints: memberships, website, app
Customer Journey
Brand Value Pyramid
Meanings: beauty, community, validation
Business Viability tools: positioning metrics, business canvas, brand identity, brand architecture, brand messaging


New Market Opportunities/ Final Recommendations