Poshpacker V.2


Poshpacker is a curated booking site featuring the World’s Most Stylish & Affordable Hoteliers. We provide the leading directory of creative hoteliers priced from $15 to less than $100 usd per person and the renown industry guide covering contemporary travel trends for the millennial lifestyle.

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In August 2014, Poshpacker was accepted into Startup Chile and received a grant of $40,000usd. Our founding team moved to Santiago, Chile, and operated the business from South America for 7 months. During this time, we met with hoteliers in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Bolivia. We also developed a robust version of the site, which we launched in July 2015.

PIVOTS from The Poshpacker V.1

Designed New Brand Identity:

  • From soft to bold design
  • New logo design
  • New font
  • New slogan
  • Submitted USA trademark for seudo name of “poshpacker”
  • Eliminated “The”, to call our business “Poshpacker”

Evaluating new logo designs
Designed new Poshpacker’s logos draft
We asked our social media community to vote for their favorites to help on the decision process.
tania cruz- poshpacker - new logo

Designed New Processes

  • Designed new process to on-board hoteliers.
  • Designed awards for hoteliers and the process of delivering them physically
  • New process for visiting properties. Invited travel bloggers to stay for free in ex-change of content, and hoteliers to offer the free stay in ex-change for promo via Poshpacker’s and the blogger networks.
  • Intented to include more community oriented design through our properties promotions

On-boarding Hoteliers
Designed presentation and process for on-boarding new hoteliers

Blogger’s Hotel Visits
Designed proces for collaboration with bloggers
“During our time in Berlin, we had the luxury of staying in one of the most happening hostels in all of Berlin, the Generator. A colleague of mine Tania started her own booking company, The Poshpacker, a site dedicated in helping travelers find hip and affordable hostels catered towards millennials. Thus, The Poshpacker definitely helped ease the burden of searching. Read more on Trend Envy

Hotelier’s Awards
Designed hotelier’s awards and execution process
We visited hoteliers in person to meet with managers and owners, as well as to meet the community of travelers staying at the properties. Our goal was to learn more about our users and partners and to get instant feedback of our new website development.

La Ritoquena owners posting with their Poshpacker Award

Poshpacker’s Window Stickers
Designed new Poshpacker window stickers and execution process
We designed window stickers to give to hoteliers on our visits.

PEOPLE – Community
Created process to bring-in a feeling and community point of view
More than just design and comfort, millennials value connections with real people. Having a sense of community was a key differentiator for Poshpacker in the design world.

Started Travel Massive Santiago in collaboration with Recorrido.cl

Designed New Website:
Designed new website from scratch. Defined the users (travelers, hoteliers, bloggers), designed backend for hoteliers (manage all properties information, photos, and rooms), designed backend for bloggers (manage and create blog posts, upload blog posts photos, videos, and content), designed the UX/UI and flow of the site (from homepage to booking page). Managed the design and development of the new site with our tech team of backend and front-end developer.

First draft of backend for hoteliers

New Website Prototype Draft 1
Designed presentation, storytelling, and prototype 
New website demo fully designed on Keynote with appropriate timing.
See our DemoDay presentation at Startup Chile Generation 10th.

Awarded “One of Top Startups at Startup Chile”

Website V.2 – Final Version
Created and designed inspirational video for Poshpacker V.2
New website design finished in July, 2015. This is the results of 11 months of work.

Promotional Video
Designed and produced video promotional for Poshpacker V.2

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