Ray Ban

Ray-Ban is known for their designer sunglasses. The brand is still very relevant in the minds of today’s consumers and their tribe proudly wears their sunglasses. Ray-Ban understands that the only way to truly stay with the times is to be in the ‘now’ with what is going on with technology trends. However, after performing a touchpoint opportunity analysis, it reveals that there is an opportunity for physical touchpoints. Recommended touchpoints are attached in an easy scrolling pdf for the Ray-Ban CEO.

Touchpoint Opportunities

In order for Ray-Ban to succeed and thrive to its competitors, the company needs to appeal to physical touchpoints.


In an effort to find areas of opportunity, a competitor analysis was conducted using the touchpoint opportunity assessment. The idea was to gain an understanding of how Ray-Ban could surpass their competitors with touchpoints opportunities. Information was gathered about Ray-Ban and
their five main competitors to analyze their current touchpoints. After the competitor touchpoint analysis was completed, a new brand strategy was crafted supplemented with recommendations of execution of a new physical touchpoint for Ray-Ban.