TouchStone is an online platform bringing the over 20 years of leadership and worldwide experience of the Stone Soup Leadership Institute into the 21st century and digital world. Client goals are to improve the user experience and user interface of the current unfinished platform, continue further development, and to strategize the integration of a Certificate Program.


Angel Miranda: Frontend programmer

Tania Cruz: designer and strategist


Session: Understanding the client’s vision (plus 25 pages business plan)

Session: Complexity to Simplicity

Introduced client to the Golden Circles

Facilitated a Design Thinking Workshop for the creation of courses

SCRUM process

Journey Mapping

Designed Wireframes, UX/UI

Front-end and back-end development

Coded some pages in HTML

User testing

tania cruz - personas tania cruz - journey mapping

tania cruz - golden circles

user courses page

brand colors